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About Good Karma Travels: Who we are and what we offer ?

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Good Karma Travels looks forward to hosting you on your trip to Bhutan for a holiday, an educational tour, or for a business trip. We have been providing travel support for visitors for over fifteen years and have travelled with large and small groups to all parts of Bhutan. We have an extensive network of contacts throughout the country and know how to plan a trip to suit your interests and the length of your stay.

We specialize in customizing trips whether on holiday or working in Bhutan. We advise on logistics, we understand all the visa and permission requirements for your travel and we know how to connect you with the people and places of Bhutan so you have the most enjoyable and interesting experiences.

Karma Tshering

For over twenty years Karma’s career has been dedicated to helping visitors to Bhutan enjoy themselves whether here for work or a holiday. He is an expert in travel arrangements both within Bhutan and abroad. He has a vast network of contacts within the government and tourism industry and can always find an answer to your question. He is originally from Dagana in south central Bhutan but for many years has made his home in Thimphu, working as the liaison officer and office manager for the Canadian Cooperation Office since 1992. Prior to that he worked for a private tour operator and for the indigenous hospital focusing on travel liaison with visiting experts on traditional healing and medicine.

Karma has travelled in North America and attended an English language summer program at the University of New Brunswick. He is an expert on Bhutanese protocol and has assisted many visiting diplomats including Canada’s Ambassadors to Bhutan. He is an avid and active participant in the national sport of archery.

His work with both Bhutanese and Canadian education institutions over the last fifteen years has provided unique and invaluable skills and knowledge that will be a great advantage to you in your travels in Bhutan.