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Mark LaPrairie, World Bank :

No one knows the in-and-outs of getting around Bhutan better than Karma. He's a logistics expert who skillfully designs interesting and full, yet relaxed and fun visits. His large network of contacts across the country ensures a familiar and warm welcome wherever you go.

David Lickley, Imax Film Director and Producer:

On a recent film scout to Bhutan I had the good fortune of working with Karma. Having someone like him who knows the locations, has a long standing relationship with the people, and can speak the various languages was invaluable. It was one of the most interesting and productive scouts I've ever been on.

Jamie Zeppa, Author, Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan :

If you have the good fortune to be considering a trip to Bhutan, I urge you to contact Good Karma Travels. I've known Karma Tshering for over 15 years: he is an excellent organizer, a diplomatic guide, a skilled negotiator, and a generous host. He pays attention to the smallest details without ever losing sight of the bigger picutre. If Karma is taking care of your trip, you are in very good hands.

Jalynn Bosley- Executive Director and Owner- ALIVE Outdoors, Toronto, Ontario

During March Break 2017, I traveled with 16 students and 3 educators from Toronto, Canada to Bhutan. I worked with Karma Tshering for a year leading up to this expedition. He was patient with our endless questions, and very attentive to all of our needs as we developed our desired learning outcomes, planned the itinerary and evaluated all of the risk management elements of our journey. We spent 9 days with Karma and Galey exploring Thimphu and the Paro regions. We did some small treks, shared in a multi-day school learning exchange, learned about GNH, hiked up to the Tiger's Nest, and immersed ourselves in the beauty and spirituality of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Karma and Galey were phenomenal hosts. Their level of customer service was exceptional. Every time we asked them a question, they always responded with, "everything is possible." I know that we all felt immensely cared for. If you are looking for a company with integrity, high customer care, and attention to detail, then you have found it. Good Karma Travel truly is a gem and that is because the owner Karma is such a lovely, reliable and sincere human being. We plan to return with more students in the years to come. Bhutan is a small country with an immeasurable amount to teach all who have the privilege of visiting. If you want to learn more about our time with Good Karma Travel, please visit our blog here for some photos, short videos and student accounts of their experience: http://www.aliveoutdoors.com/bhutan2017

Jalynn Bosley- Executive Director and Owner- ALIVE Outdoors, Toronto, Ontario