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Dur Hot Spring Trek

Dur Hot Spring Trek is among the most challenging treks in Bhutan. The nine-day trek takes us to the beautiful Dur Hot Springs. The route partially overlaps with the trail of Snowman Trek.
Winding between 3,000 m and 4,700 m, the trail is ridden with numerous steep ascents and descents which add to the challenge as well as exhilaration. If the rugged trail is knee-jerking, it offers a feast to one’s senses. We pass through the virgin, refreshingly cool forests of spruce, hemlock, juniper and maple. If that’s not enough, we also pass through areas populated by the blue sheep, the musk deer, and the Himalayan black bear.
An entire day is dedicated for luxuriating in the medicinal hot springs. The best time for the trek is between March and April and September and November.

Day 1
Dur to Gorsum
Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance: 18 km
Trail: 380 m ascent
Campsite altitude: 3,120 m
The trail is gentle and follows the course of Yoleng Chhu, a river known for abundance of trout.

Day 2
Gorsum to Lungsum
Time: 5 hrs
Distance: 12 km
Trail: 40 m ascent
Campsite altitude: 3,160 m
The trail winds through a dense forest of spruce, hemlock, cypress, juniper and maple.

Day 3
Lungsum to Tshochenchen
Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance 15 km
Trail: 620 m ascent
Campsite altitude: 3,780 m
The trail passes through the same kind of vegetation that we saw the previous day, but towards the evening, the vegetation becomes thinner. The camp is above tree line.

Day 4
Tshochenchen to Dur Tshachu
Time: 8-9 hrs
Distance 18 km
Trail: 1,340 m ascent, 1,530 m descent
Campsite altitude: 3,590 m
The trail climbs up until we reach Juli La at 4,700 m. If the weather is fine, we can enjoy spectacular view of surrounding mountains from the pass.

Day 5
Dur Tshachu
Today is the highlight of the trek. We can soak in the rejuvenating hot springs or take a leisurely hike around the surrounding areas.

Day 6
Dur Tshachu to Tshochenchen
Time: 8-9 hrs
Distance: 18 km
Trail: 1,530 m ascent, 1,340 m descent
Campsite altitude: 3,780 m
From today, we retrace one’s steps and take the same route that we walked. Today, we take the route taken on Day 4, but in the reverse direction. Today’s trek is a little tougher than that of Day 4 because we have to negotiate more ascents than descents.

Day 7
Tshochenchen to Lungsum
Time: 4 hrs
Distance: 15 km
Trail: 620 m descent
Campsite altitude: 3,160 m
Retrace the route we took on Day 3.

Day 8
Lungsum to Gorsum
Time: 4 hrs
Distance 12 km
Trail: 40 m descent
Campsite altitude: 3,120 m

Day 9
Gorsum to Dur Village
Time: 6 hrs
Distance: 18 km
Trail: 380 m descent
Today, the trail gently descends to the bridge near Dur village, at the road head.

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