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Jomolhari-Laya-Gasa Trek

This trekking route is known to be one of the most scenic. This 14-day and 217-km trek begins at Drukgyal in Paro and ends at Damji in Gasa. It passes across alpine meadows, high mountain passes, and thick sub-tropical forests. Along the route we can see Mt. Jomolhari, Jichu Drake and Tsherimgang.

The first five days of the trek passes through Jigme Singye National Park and follows the same route as the Jomolhari Trek. On the sixth day, we leave Lingzhi for the camp site at Chebisa, a delightful little village.

Along the route, we can spot exotic animals like the blue sheep and the takin. We then pass through the highland, nomadic villages of Laya whose inhabitants are refreshingly different from rest of the Bhutanese in terms of dress, culture, and way of life.
The trek offers one day to luxuriate in the hot springs of Gasa. Frequent steep ascents and descents make the trek one of the difficult ones in Bhutan.
The best time to complete this trek is between April and June and mid-September and mid-November.

Day 1
Gunyitsawa Village to Sharna Zampa
Time: 40 mins
Trail: 80 m descent
Campsite altitude: 2,850 m
This trek begins at Gunyitsawa and passes by the army check post where the trek permit is checked and endorsed.

Day 2
Sharna Zampa to Thangthangkha (this is a day-long trek)
Time: 7-8 hrs
Distance: 22 km
Trail: 770 m ascent, 10 m descent
Campsite altitude: 3,610 m

Day 3
Thangthangkha to Jangothang
Time: 5-6 hrs
Distance 19 km
Trail: 480 m ascent
Campsite altitude: 4,080 m
If we arrive at the campsite early in the evening, we will be able to see Mt. Jomolhari. If not, we will see the mountain early in the morning. From here, the trek continues up the Pachhu river valley.

Day 4
Halt at Jangothang
The halt at Jangothang provides plenty of time for hikes that provides resplendent views of lakes and snow-capped mountains such as Jomolhari and Jichu Drake. Here, if we are lucky, we can spot the blue sheep on the upper slopes.

Day 5
Jangothang to Lingzhi
Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance: 18 km
Trail: 840 m ascent, 870 m descent
Campsite altitude: 4,010 m
At a short distance from the camp, the trail climbs steeply for about half an hour and then gradually climbs to Nyilila pass at 4,870 m.

Day 6
Lingzhi to Chebisa
Time: 5-6 hrs
Distance 10 km
Trail: 280 m ascent, 410 m descent
Campsite altitude: 3,880 m
Shortly after starting the trek, we reach a choeten below Lingzhi Dzong from where we can choose to stay on the main trail or take a detour.

Day 7
Chebisa to Shomuthang
Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance 17 km
Trail: 890 m ascent, 540 m descent
Campsite altitude: 4,220 m
The trek starts with a long (2-3 hrs) ascent behind Chebisa Village across a wide pastureland towards Gobula pass. A few yak herders can be seen along the route.

Day 8
Shomuthang to Robluthang
Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance 18 km
Trail: 700 m ascent, 760 m descent
Campsite altitude: 4,160 m
The trek begins by climbing up the valley to view Kang Bum at 6,526 m and some edelweiss. After two hours, we arrive at Jhari La at 4,750 m from where we can catch the first sight of Sinche La.

Day 9
Robluthang to Limithang
Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance 19 km
Trail: 850 m ascent, 870 m descent
Campsite altitude: 4,140 m
The trek starts with 40-60 minutes ascent before the climb becomes gradual across a field of boulders for one and a half hours. Then, the trail climbs steeply for an hour before reaching Sinche La at 5,005 m.

Day 10
Limithang to Laya
Time: 4-5 hrs
Distance 10 km
Trail: 60 m ascent, 340 m descent
Campsite altitude: 3,840 m
The trail today takes us downhill across a narrow, winding river valley. The trail takes us through a densely forested area to the western side of Laya village.

Day 11
Laya to Koina
Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance 19 km
Trail: 260 m ascent, 1,070 m descent
Campsite altitude: 3,050 m
The trail winds alongside the Mochhu River and offers fascinating views of the tumbling river, feeder streams and waterfalls.

Day 12
Koina to Gasa
Time: 6-7 hrs
Distance 14 km
Trail: 740 m ascent, 1,500 m descent
Campsite altitude: 2,240 m
This is the last climb of the Laya-Gasa Trek. The trek passes by Bari La at 3,740m, after which it descends to Gasa village at 2,770 m.

End of Laya-Gasa Trek
This trek ends in Gasa where we find the remote Gasa village and historically significant Gasa Tashi Thongmon Dzong.


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