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National Animal

The national animal of Bhutan is the takin, a rare bovine associated with religious history and mythology of Bhutan.

The takin is a strange mammal with a thick neck and short, thick legs. It lives in groups and is found above 4,000 metres.

The origin of the takin is associated with the magical powers of Lama Drukpa Kunley, the Divine Madman of the 15th century. Once the lama known for his outrageous behaviours went to a social function and ate the whole carcass of a cow and a goat. After he finished his colossal meal, he collected all the bones of the two animals. Then he attached the skull of the goat on the body frame of the cow and snapped his fingers. At this the skeleton of the two animals stood up like a living animal. The lama told the skeletal animal, “Go and eat grass. You haven’t eaten or drunk anything.” The animal walked to the nearby grassland to graze. And this animal is the takin, the animal with the head of the goat and body of the cow.

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