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National Anthem

“In the Kingdom of Bhutan adorned with cypress trees,

The Protector who reigns over the realm of spiritual and secular traditions,

He is the King of Bhutan, the precious sovereign.

May His being remain unchanging, and the Kingdom prosper,

May the teachings of the Enlightened One flourish,

May the sun of peace and happiness shine over all people.” - Constitution of Bhutan.

The first national anthem of Bhutan was known to have been composed sometime in 1953 by Dasho Thinley Dorji, the Chief Secretary. It was a 12-line verse. It was later shortened to the present length by Dasho Shingkhar Lam, the Secretary to the third King, and Sangay Dorji, his personal secretary.

About Bhutan

1. Culture
2. Religion
3. Environment
4. Gross National Happiness
5. Political System
6. National Symbols

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  • b. National Emblem
  • c. National Anthem
  • d. National Bird
  • e. National Animal
  • f. National Flower
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