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National Bird

The raven is Bhutan’s national bird for many symbolic reasons.
The raven represents Bhutan’s protector deity Gonpo Jarog Dongchen (raven-faced Mahakala). The raven-faced protector deity is believed to have come to help Trongsa Ponlop Jigme Namgyal, the father of the first King of Bhutan, win war against British India in the form of the raven. Later, Jigme Namgyal’s root lama, Jangchub Tsundru, designed a crown for Jigme Namgyal with the raven’s head. The crown, which was later modified for the successive Kings of Bhutan came to be known as the Raven Crown.

The Raven Crown is still the crown of the King of Bhutan and the most noticeable symbol of Bhutanese monarchy.

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